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Guilty pleasures - Crocodile Dundee

Strewth, it's only Crocodile Dundee! Back in the '80s, when men were men, particularly those Aussies, and US journalists were desperate for stories about the outback, Crocodile Dundee was born.

Macho croc wrestling Aussie men and tough investigative New York female reporters find their worlds collide when the attractive Sue Charlton heads Down Under to report on Mick Crocodile Dundee. Rescuing her from belligerant buffaloes, crazy crocs and wreckless roos, the two click. But then she gets to return the favour in the craziness of the LA jungle! It's brilliant, it's bonza, it's Crocodile Dundee!!

Tags:01/07/2009,Linda Kozlowski,movies,paul hogan,movie shows,Film,guilty pleasures,Peter Faiman,John Meillon,Crocodile Dundee

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