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Guilty pleasures - Predator

Get to the chopper! And whilst you're at it get yourselves over to our Guilty Pleasure show as we take a long, hard look at the slice of Arnie-inspired brilliance that is Predator!

Welcome one and all to Testosterone City. Population: 7 hardened marines, 1 narked alien interloper and 1 very big gun by the name of Ol' Faithful. Yes, there can be only one Predator. Revel in the high concept joy as we wander down memory lane with the Autrian Oak and his badass crew as they take on the Rastafarian meanie...the Predator never really stood a chance did he?!

Tags:predator,guilty pleasure,22/07/2009,Carl Weathers,John McTiernan,movies,Arnold Schwarzenegger,Sonny Landham,movie shows,jesse ventura,Film,guilty pleasures

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