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Guilty pleasures - Weird Science

Presenting the movie that gave hope to date-less geeks everywhere, it's time to appreciate the greatness of director John Hughes' classic 80s tale of two nerds who create the perfect woman, Weird Science!

This comic gem of a guilty pleasure was another of John Hughes' tales of teen angst, but with a hilarious twist. When high school losers Gary and Wyatt use their computer to create Lisa, the perfect woman, little do they know the crazy ride they will be embarking on. Not only did this movie give the world some of the most laugh-out-loud moments of 80s gold, it also introduced us to a young Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr!

Tags:anthony michael hall,Kelly Lebrock,Robert Downey Jr,21/08/2009,weird science,Robert Downey Jr.,Bill Paxton,movie shows,guilty pleasures,Ilan Mitchell-Smith,John Hughes

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