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Little Fockers: Clip - Jack's Present

Family-patriarch Jack Byrnes wants to appoint a successor. Does his son-in-law, the "male nurse", Greg Focker have what it takes?

Tags:clip,Barbra Streisand,Robert DeNiro,Teri Polo,Robert De Niro,meet the parents: little fockers,movies,Little Fockers,dustin hoffman,Owen Wilson,Ben Stiller,Jessica Alba


The third film in the 'Fockers' comedy franchise sees the return of regulars Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman and Owen Wilson. After ten years and two children with wife Pam (Teri Polo), Gaylord 'Greg' Focker (Stiller) has finally been accepted by his uptight father-in-law, former CIA agent Jack (De Niro) - or so he thinks.

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