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The Magic Roundabout Trailer

Brian, Dougal, Florence and friends return in a big-screen adventure of the classic cult TV series.

Welcome back Brian, Dougal, Florence and friends from classic cult TV series "The Magic Roundabout" for an animated CGI adventure that finds our heroes embarking on a dangerous journey to imprison their oppressor, the evil wizard ZeeBadee. The fantastic voice cast includes Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Jim Broadbent and Bill Nighy.

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Computer-generated update of Serge Danot's classic 1970s children's series. After Dougal (Robbie Williams) accidentally releases the evil Zeebad (Tom Baker) from his prison, he and pals Ermintrude (Joanna Lumley), Brian (Jim Broadbent) and Dylan (Bill Nighy) embark on a quest to find three magic diamonds before Zeebad uses them to encase the world in ice.

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