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The Movie Scoop - 9th February 2010

So, what's the inside scoop from Hollywood this week? We take a look at the sequel rumours for Fast and Furious, Kill Bill and Transformers...

Brace yourselves for your weekly dose of box office delights! We're exploring the rumours about the sequels for Fast and Furious, Kill Bill, Transformers and Watchmen. That's right, people - there may be a FIFTH film from Vin Diesel and co... Meanwhile, this week sees the much anticipated release of The Wolfman, starring Benicio Del Toro in the role of the hirsute anti-hero. Also, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief attempts to fill the void left until the next Harry Potter adventure, while a veritable galaxy of Hollywood stars get all mushy and sentimental for Valentine's Day.

Tags:Julia Roberts,Michael Bay,megan fox,movie scoop,Benicio Del Toro,Sherlock Holmes,09/02/2010,Daryl Hannah,movie shows,Tom Hanks

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