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The Phone Trailer

When a young girl starts to act strangely after taking a call on a mobile phone, an astonishing secret is unravelled in this techonological Japanese horror.

When Ji-won, a magazine reporter, publishes a controversial article, she receives a string of menacing phone calls. After changing her number, Young-ju, the daughter of Ji-won's friend, innocently answers Ji-won's phone. And when Young-ju starts to act strangely after taking the call, Ji-won investigates the past owners of her new number and an astonishing secret is unravelled.

Tags:rd_27/08/2004,trailer,phone,KIM Yu-mi,The Phone Trailer,Ahn Byoung Ki,movies,00s,CHOI Woo-jae,mymovies,Status_AR,DVD,Ha Ji-wom,Genre



Stylish Korean horror starring Ji-Won Ha as an investigative reporter who, having recently published a controversial article about sex scandals, has begun receiving a series of menacing phone calls. In an effort to escape the calls, she changes her number and moves house.

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