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The Watcher Trailer

James Spader is an FBI agent taunted by serial killer Keanu Reeves, a man who sends his adversary a photo of each victim before he kills them, daring his adversary to catch him.

FBI agent Joel Campbell (James Spader) has gone into hiding. Traumatizes and beaten down after years of pursuing pyschotic killers in Los Angeles he is tryi g to carve a new, less stressful, life for himself in Chicago. But his guilty past follows him. He has only been in Chicago for a few months when there is a rash of gruesome murders, all of which follow a sickeningly familiar pattern; they are undoubtedly the work of one man - David Allen Griffin (Keanu Reeves). The cunning and tormennting Griffin prodded and eluded Campbell for years in Los Angeles, and now he has pursued his tracker to Chicago. For Griffin, the vicious merciless killing of lonely young women has merely become a pretext for a sadistic game of cat and mouse between himself and Campbell. Before each murder he sends the FBI agent a photograph of his intended victim and dares him to find her before he strikes again. Each succesive killing reminds Campbell of his past failures, dredging up feelings of helplesness and loss that he has been trying to supress. For his nemesis Griffin, Campbell's exquisite torture becomes his entire reason for killing. He meticulously stages one final murder, designed to destroy Campbell by confronting him with his guilt-plagued past. And unless Campbell can stop him, he will become the killer's ultimate victim.

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FBI detective Joel Campbell (James Spader) has spent years in the field tracking down serial killers, but enough is enough, and he now decides to retire and move to Chicago. His arch-enemy, serial killer David Allen Griffin (Keanu Reeves), decides to follow him, and just as Campbell starts settling into his new life, Griffin makes himself known by sending the detective pictures of those he is about to kill.

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