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The Woodsman Trailer

Walter (Kevin Bacon) has just served a 12 year sentence for paedophilia, now he has to try and rebuild his life and overcome his attraction to prepubescent girls.

After 12 years in prison Walter moves into a small apartment, gets a job at a lumberyard, and mostly keeps to himself. He finds unexpected solace from Vicki, a tough-talking woman who promises not to judge him for his history. But Walter cannot escape his past. A convicted sex offender, Walter is shunned by his sister, and is hounded by a suspicious police detective. After befriending a young girl in a neighborhood park, Walter must grapple with the prospect of his reawakened demons.

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Thought-provoking drama starring Kevin Bacon as Walter, a convicted paedophile who has served his sentence for his previous crimes and is determined not to relapse. Taking a job in a lumber yard, he starts a relationship with a local woman and, although he lives in fear of his past crimes being discovered, begins to rebuild his life as best he can.

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