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The Yes Men Trailer

Two fast-talking activists take on corporate America as they pose as members of the World Trade Organisation.

The story follows Andy and Mike from their beginnings with, and on to their tasteless parody of the WTO's website. Some visitors don't notice the site is a fake, and send speaking invitations meant for the real WTO. Mike and Andy play along with the ruse and soon find themselves attending important functions as WTO representatives.

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Satirical documentary featuring the 'Yes Men', anti-globalisation activists who pretended to represent the World Trade Organisation and right-wing political bodies on television news programmes and at conferences around the world, spreading misinformation to highlight the iniquities of untrammelled capitalism and the effects the WTO's policies can have on poorer countries. Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno found audiences eager to embrace borderline fascist proposals such as administering electric shocks to recalcitrant employees, if they thought these proposals were coming from a respected and influential body such as the WTO, and this documentary follows them around the world as they unleash their satirical pranks, including their claims to represent George W. Bush's re-election campaign.

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