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Viva Zapatero!: Clip - Abuse of power

Italian comedienne Sabina Guzzanti takes a swipe at her government in this ferociously funny documentary.

Sabina Guzzanti's ferociously funny documentary deals with her own ill-fated television show, RAIot, which aired on RAI, the Italian public television service. The show featured comedy sketches in which Guzzanti, a brilliant clown, mimic, and physical comedienne, skewered the current Italian administration, and, most wickedly, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

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Italian satirist Sabina Guzzanti, who was banned by Silvio Berlusconi from appearing on state television in her native country, presents this tongue in cheek exposé of the corrupt Italian broadcasting elite. Guzzanti discusses the nature of political satire with comedians from other European countries, and reveals the shocking truth about how Berlusconi and his government have conspired to control the Italian media and suppress criticism.

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