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Weekend At Bernie's: Clip - Doesn't Anyone Realise He's Dead?

Network is proud to present the ultimate cult slacker film, WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S (15) on Blu-ray. This beloved madcap comedy from the 80s is available to buy on 5th July 2010.

Jonathan Silverman (Death Becomes Her) is the hard-working and honest Richard Parker. When he and his loafer buddy Larry Wilson (Andrew McCarthy - Pretty In Pink) stumble across some fraudulent goings on in the work place, they go straight to the top to point it out without realising that the boss, Bernie Lomax (Terry Kiser - Friday the 13th Part VII) is as corrupt as they come. In order to guard his corrupt operation, Bernie decides that Richard and Larry must go - vanish! It is with this dark intention in mind that Bernie invites the hapless duo to his luxurious holiday home for a weekend. But when they arrive, they find Bernie murdered. And thus the only possible way the less-than-dynamic duo can get through the weekend of parties and beach fun is to convince everyone Bernie's still alive... Originally released in 1989, WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S has built up a substantial cult audience due to its slap-stick humour and crazy antics. More than 20 years have passed and it is still remembered with much fondness and laughter. It is the perfect antithesis to the schmaltzy eighties rom-coms that the era is remembered for. WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S will appeal to fans of coming-of-age comedies and those who enjoy darkly comic tales.

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