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When Brendan Met Trudy: Flora Montgomary-Interview

This delighful Irish comedy feautures the first original screenplay by "The Commitments" author Roddy Doyle, and tells of shy movie buff Brendan's attempts to woo the outgoing Trudy.

Brendan (Peter McDonald) is a quiet schoolteacher whose real passion is film. He's also what could be considered a movie snob, because his tastes run far afield of mainstream fare towards the work of Fellini and Godard. He's a shy guy who has not had much success with meeting women, and he recognizes the hole in his life, at one point commenting, "I kept myself busy, but something was missing..." As it turns out, that "something" is Trudy (Flora Montgomery), a bubbly blonde he encounters one night at a bar. Despite their oil-and-water personalities, they mix pretty well once things get shaken up. After a rocky start, their romance takes off, but Brendan's naturally suspicious nature begins to assert itself. Why is his girlfriend sneaking out in the middle of the night dressed all in black? Could it have something to do with a serial castrater who is roaming the streets attacking unsuspecting men? Or is he jumping to conclusions?

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Mild-mannered schoolteacher Brendan (Peter MacDonald) is a man caught up in his own obsessions and out of touch with all those around him. However, when he meets the mysterious and kooky Trudy (Flora Montgomery), all that looks set to change.

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