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Wilderness: Clip - Callum

A group of violent prisoners find themselves being hunted by an unknown man and a pack of killer dogs.

A group of violent prisoners, including a couple of drug dealers, an armed robber, a serial sex offender and a murderer find themselves on a supposedly uninhabited island pursued by an unknown hunter and a pack of killer dogs.

Tags:clip,Lenora Crichlow,movies,Wilderness: Clip - Callum,00s,mymovies,Status_AR,DVD,Luke Neil,rd_10/08/2006,Alex Reid,Wilderness,stephen wright,Michael J. Bassett,Sean Pertwee,horror,Ben McKay,Karly Greene,Tony Kebbell



Violent British horror. A group of young offenders are given the chance to rehabilitate themselves and learn self-sufficiency skills when they are sent off to a boot camp on a remote island.

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