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Will And Grace - Season 7 Box Set: Clip - Episode 8

The hit US TV sitcom returns with 24 brand new hilarious adventures.

Meet Will & Grace. Grace is a sassy and smart interior designer, Will is a gorgeous and supercool lawyer. They're both looking for love and they're made for each other in every way, except for one thing - Grace is straight, Will is gay. Their lives are complicated even further by their outrageous friends, Karen &Jack. This DVD box set contains all the episodes from the seventh season: Episodes Comprise: 1. FYI: I Hurt Too 2. Back Up Dancer 3. One Gay At A Time 4. Company 5. Key Party 6. The Newlydreads 7. Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine 8. Saving Grace, Again (Part 1) 9. Saving Grace, Again (Part 2) 10. Queens For A Day (Part 1) 11. Queens For A Day (Part 2) 12. Christmas Break 13. Board Games 14. Partners 15. Bully Woolley 16. Dance Cards And Greeting Cards 17. The Birds And The Bees 18. The Fabulous Baker Boy 19. Sour Balls 20. The Blonde Leading The Blind 21. It's A Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World 22. From Queer To Eternity 23. Friends With Benefits 24. Kiss And Tell

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