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Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie: Premise, The

Manhattan's wizardly siblings Alex, Justin and Max Russo take centre stage in the feature-length adventure comedy Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie.

The last thing teen wizard Alex wants to do is go on a family vacation. Her parents (Maria and Jerry) insist that she come along and while on vacation, a frustrated Alex wishes that her parents had never met. When Alex's wish comes true and Maria and Jerry have no memory of their marriage and family, she and her brothers (Justin and Max) realize that they will cease to exist unless they can undo the spell. While Max baby sits their quarreling parents, Alex and Justin set off on a quest for a magical stone that pits sister and brother against each other in a battle between the young wizards.

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Feature-length spin-off of the Disney Channel comedy drama series. The last thing teen wizard Alex (Selena Gomez) wants to do is go away on holiday with her family.

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