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Year Of The Dog Trailer

A single dog-loving woman faces a period of transition when her beloved beagle kicks the bucket in this dark comedy.

Peggy and Pencil are inseparable companions. They sleep together, eat together, and even take-in Friday night movies together. Life is uncomplicated and safe, and although Pencil is a Beagle, Peggy is happily entrenched in a satisfying relationship of co-dependency with her beloved pet. But with love comes loss, and Peggy's world comes crashing down when Pencil meets a mysterious demise in the neighbor's yard. Left to pick-up the pieces of her shattered life, Peggy embarks on a personal journey to fill the void. Friends, family and co-workers try to distract Peggy from her misery with their own obsessive quests for happiness, but in the end, she emerges from her loss with a new found sense of her place in the world and what it takes to make her happy.

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Indie comedy from Mike White, the director of 'Chuck and Buck' (2000) and 'The Good Girl (2002)'. A quiet, lonely office worker named Peggy (Molly Shannon) goes into a tailspin when her beloved dog Pencil dies.This leads her to start dating several men including her next door neighbour Al (John C. Reilly) and Newt (Peter Sarsgaard).

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