Brett Anderson

As the elegantly wasted, androgynous front man of Suede, Anderson was one of the key players in the Brit-pop movement, becoming the darling of the music press and paving the way for the likes of Blur, Pulp and Oasis. With Anderson's distinctly British references and a love of The Smiths and David Bowie, Suede offered a stark alternative to the all-conquering American grunge movement of the time. Leaving their mark with the classic albums Suede (1993), Dog Man Star (1994) and Coming Up (1997), Anderson's romance with future Elastica star Justine Frischmann and his fraught creative relationship with guitarist Bernard Butler caused great intrigue. After their split in 2003, he reunited with Butler to form The Tears, scoring the UK Top 10 single Refugees and releasing the album Here Come The Tears (2005). Going solo in 2006, he cut a lonesome, regretful figure, crooning with soft romanticism on the albums Brett Anderson (2007), Wilderness (2008) and the critically acclaimed Slow Attack (2009).



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