Lightspeed Champion

After the demise of experimental dance punk noise vandals Test Icicles in 2006, Devonte Hynes turned to his trusty acoustic guitar to become a strumming, indie troubadour dabbling with folk, country and rock influences. Signing to Domino Records, debut album Falling Off Lavender Bridge (2008) was recorded in Omaha, Nebraska with Bright Eyes member Mike Mogis and was generally seen as a critical success scoring a 9/10 review from NME magazine. A comic book obsessive who creates his own cartoons, Hynes took his name from a character he invented who battles the forces of evil with maths based equations. A prolific songwriter, he has written tracks for Florence and the Machine, Solange Knowles and Diana Vickers, and continues to post unofficial tracks through his own website, including an album recorded in a day and an EP of Green Day's songs. Second album Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You (2010) was preceded by the single Marlene.



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