Peter Andre

Born in Harrow to Greek Cypriot parents, Peter Andre and his family relocated to the sunnier climes of Australia whilst the singer was still a boy. He soon developed a taste for music, though not of the sort that was popular in Oz at that time - instead he was interested in a mix of pop, dance and R&B. His quest for fame led him to appear on the talent show, New Faces, where his performance went down so well he was offered a recording contract live on air. With the backing of music bosses, it didn't take long before the release of his debut single, Gimme Little Sign, catapulted Andre to fame. More hits followed before the artist made the somewhat curious decision to move back to his place of birth, London, where he was pretty much a nobody. But thanks to his perma-tan, rippling six pack and sexy dance moves, Andre soon had a dedicated fanbase at home and across Europe. Hit single Mysterious Girl shot to Number 2 in the UK, whilst Flava went to Number 1 in 1996. Andre later resurrected his career after a chance encounter with glamour model Jordan (aka Katie Price) on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here led to a romance then marriage that saw both riding high on the back of British most popular celeb couple until their divorce in 2009.




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