Sheryl Crow

Born into a musical family, Sheryl Crow studied Art at university, before going on to teach it after graduation. Her evenings were spent performing with local bands and thanks to a chance meeting with producer Jay Oliver, she soon started recording advertising jingles. Deciding to concentrate on music full time, a move to Los Angeles followed in the mid Eighties and her big break came when she won a place as a back-up vocalist for Michael Jackson's world tour Bad. After a couple years travelling with the star she performed alongside numerous other artists, including Sting, Foreigner and Rod Stewart. With a growing book of industry contacts, Crow began work with record producer Hugh Padgham who soon had her signed to a label and in the studio making music. However, the singer didn't like the pop direction Padgham was pushing her in and work ground to a halt. After a brief hiatus she was soon back on track and recording with a handful of industry bigwigs who dubbed themselves The Tuesday Night Music Club. Crow's debut album went by the same name and spawned the massive hit All I Wanna Do, making her a star. A split from the Clubbers followed and she was on her own. Success came in bucket-loads, as did the Grammy Awards and Crow was honoured to write and perform the title theme for the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.




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