Sinead O'Connor

A rebellious, outspoken figure with one of pop's most ethereal and majestic voices, Sinead O'Connor became a huge star in the 1990s producing multi-million selling albums and causing controversy wherever she went. Shaped by a turbulent childhood in Ireland during which she was placed in a strict Magdalene Asylum, O'Connor found her singing voice with the band Ton Ton Macoute before moving to London and signing with Ensign Records. Her debut The Lion and the Cobra (1987) brought cult recognition, but it was her brilliant version of Prince's Nothing Compares 2 U, along with its teary video that brought massive success reaching Number 1 in 10 countries (including the UK and US). It propelled second album I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got (1990) to sales of over 7 million, but the shaven-headed star soon caused outrage when she infamously tore up a picture of the Pope while performing on the TV show Saturday Night Live as a protest against child abuse. Her passionate views on politics and religion have remained just as fierce down the years, and despite never recapturing that level of commercial fame she has gone on to work with acts as diverse as Pink Floyd, Christy Moore and Massive Attack. She continues to perform regularly and returned in 2012 with her ninth studio album How About I Be Me And You Be You.




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