Tame Impala

Capturing the dusty, hazy heat and remote isolation of their Perth home town in Western Australia, Tame Impala's shoegazey, DIY, stoner rock had the critics drooling with admiration. Essentially the project of Kevin Parker, the band formed as the Dee Dee Dums and won a string of talent contests before renaming themselves after a type of antelope and starting a record company bidding war after posting demos on MySpace. Drawing comparisons with MGMT and 1960s garage rockers The Nazz, debut Innerspeaker (2010) was named Album of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine for its blissful, lo-fi psychedelia, while single Sundown Syndrome was used in the hit Julianne Moore movie The Kids Are Alright. Parker went on to work with French dream pop starlet Melody Prochet and electro duo Canyons, before follow-up Lonerism (2012) became the talk of the music industry. Based around a new found love of 1980s, vintage synths and drum machines, Rolling Stone mag again rated it top of their end of year polls with NME, Filter Magazine and Australian radio station Triple J all agreeing.



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