JLS answer your questions

How do you guys plan to break America? - Jamie from London

Marvin: America?

Oritsé: Has Jamie got plans for us to break America?! You know what? What’s important to us right now is doing the best we can in our home the UK. At the end of the day, we came from a show where people in this country voted for us and we want to give back to them, by releasing the best music we can and doing tours and being outright performers for the UK first. Obviously we have aspirations abroad, but it’s all about the UK first. We need to focus on home turf.

How did you guys learn to dance so well? - Sophie from London

Aston: I love to dance but you know, we’re not exactly trained dancers in any sort of way. I probably had the most dance experience beforehand but none of us had ever trained. It’s more enjoyable to perform when you’ve got a slick little move though. Little tricks put the stamp on the show so we’re loving the dance stuff. We’re just trying to edge the dance back in.

Oritsé: I think it’s nice when you see it from a British band. What’s great as well is how some of the dance moves have taken off. People in the clubs doing the Beat Again hands, you know the heartbeat hands move. When you go to clubs and people are doing the moves you do in your video, it’s unbelievable.

Which bands do you like / who are your idols? – Sanari from Birmingham, Emma from Heywood

JB: There’s a lot. The Temptations, The Jackson Five – we saw Jermaine at the MOBOs the other day, that was incredible – those kind of guys go down in history as some of the best groups the world’s ever seen. We’ve done a lot to emulate them and learn from them.

Oritsé: It comes down to musical influences as well as the longevity we aspire to have, the attitude and persona those bands put across.

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