Robyn's top ten tracks

Swedish pop singer/songwriter Robyn has been quietly achieving mega-stardom in her native country for over 12 years. With her fourth, eponymous album, she's finally ready to take on the UK with a fresh electro-pop sound.

We find out which ten tracks top her personal playlist.

Dr Alban

Dr Alban

1. Dr Alban: No Coke

One of the best songs from when I was in school, I'm listening to it a lot right now. Can't believe how fat the track is still.

2. The Ark: Absolutely No Decorum

I think The Ark is one of the best Swedish bands. This is a typical song for them, it makes me want to tour.

3. Sir Eric Beyond And The Avant Garde: Sea Biscuit

Check out this artist and band live, it's an energiser. Eric has a fine voice and the bass player Sara plays with me sometimes.

The Knife

The Knife

4. The Knife: Silent Shout

This is a masterpiece.

5. Peter, Björn And John: Young Folks

The drums are great on this track and the song is too. Sad and happy at the same which is my favourite feeling.

6. Daniel Boyacioglu: Rewind Remix

Daniel is a Swedish poet, this song is from his new album and it's about the funniest rap I heard in a long time. It's a diss. It's in Swedish though.



7. Cassie: Long Way 2 Go

The ultimate pop R&B artist and song at the moment.

8. Laurie Anderson: O Superman

Laurie Anderson was played all the time in my family when I was little. I think she is very good and this song is one of her best.

9. Robyn with Andreas Kleerup: With Every Heartbeat

I think this is the shiznit!

10. Christian Falk feat. Robyn and Ola Salo: Dream On

I think the lyrics on this song are the best lyrics I've ever sung, Klas Åhlund wrote them and I'm happy he did.

Watch the video for Robyn's new single, Robyn: Konichiwa Bitches. For more information, visit Robyn's official website.

16th March 2007