Paul Weller too embarrassed for talent shows

Paul Weller

Paul Weller would be ''too embarrassed'' to appear on a TV talent show.

The 'That Dangerous Age' hitmaker is not a fan of reality TV singing shows such as 'The X Factor' and 'The Voice' and feels the people who audition for them are all style over substance.

He told Radio Times magazine: ''I'd be too embarrassed to be on those shows. You get some of these kids who think they're a little bit 'edgy', got a bit of a Pete Doherty haircut.

''You're not edgy, really, mate. Otherwise you wouldn't be on an effing talent show, would you?''

However, Paul - who's 11th solo album, 'Sonik Kicks', was a number one album in the UK last month - admitted he does watch 'The X Factor' with his young daughter.

He told ''OK I'll admit that I watch it but I don't watch it religiously. If I'm sat there with my daughter and she's watching then I will. I've got to haven't I?

''But I can't say I'm an avid fan.''

Paul has also recently said he will be working with singer and songwriter Miles Kane on new material.

He said: ''We've set aside a couple of dates in April when I'm going to do some writing with him,'' he said. ''I like him, he's done well.''

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