Backstreet Boys: Unbreakable review

Sony BMG
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29th October 2007
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"Not bad", he said, through gritted teeth

There are some things that hang around for ages, making a nuisance of themselves, and then go away. And then, just when you’ve got used to them not being around and think you’ve seen the last of them, they come back with a vengeance. Herpes is one such thing. Evidently, the Backstreet Boys are another.

Actually, we’ve heard worse. Recent single Inconsolable is a textbook Backstreet Boys song, a huge, glossy, shiny thing, with very heartfelt vocals. As is Something That I Already Know. And Helpless When She Smiles. And, in fact, most of the other songs on this album, apart from the woefully ill-advised electro forays Panic and Everything But Mine, and the discordant R&B clanger Treat Me Right, both of which make you yearn for the days of Backstreet’s Back (Alright). While there is nothing to match their crowning glory – karaoke classic I Want It That Way – this is a largely inoffensive collection of pop hits. It’s bound to be huge.

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Backstreet Boys: Unbreakable

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