So Long, See You Tomorrow

Bombay Bicycle Club

Released: 3 February 2014

Genre: Indie

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Time for some wing-stretching from the still impossibly young Brits.

Not a moment's rest for Jack Steadman and the rest of Bombay Bicycle Club, who attack their fourth album in five years with unlikely, renewed vigour. So Long, See You Tomorrow is the result of Steadman's globe-trotting exploits and its new vistas dig his band out of a rather plain indie cul-de-sac.

This is a chance for Bombay Bicycle Club to outstrip some contemporaries and they do it by layering on a few more electronics. The album is built around loops, electro washes and shuffling beats – with enough guitars still in the picture to keep fans onside – and it's as fresh as morning dew. There are clear influences, sure. This isn't something Passion Pit haven't done before, but it's good to hear a band willing to rectify a mistake or two.

From opener Overdone's mix of cor anglais and vinyl-sampled strings to the title track's bleeps, jazz chords and dreamy harmonies, this is a record that brims with anything-goes invention. Occasionally the ultrapop flavour gets a bit queasy – Come To abandons a My Bloody Valentine shimmer for naff bouncing novelty; Carry Me's a haphazard sonic experiment that doesn't come off – but something as lovely as Eyes Off You makes everything all right. This new BBC's worth the fee.

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