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17th March 2008
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Craggy-faced Canadian rocker confounds expectations by releasing album of baroque chamber music

Not really! Bryan Adams' new album, 11, is - we're told - a collection of songs recorded in backstage dressing rooms and hotel bathrooms (or something) over the course of a gruelling touring schedule. If this is true, it's amazing, as we at Virgin Media have been in a few hotel rooms in our time, but never before have discovered one which can accommodate a large-scale epic rock band and string quartet. How the other half live, eh.

The bare fact is that, if these large-scale, harmonica-tinged, slide-guitar rock tracks had someone else singing on top of them - U2, for example - people wouldn't bat an eyelid, but Adams's over-familiar trademark croak has grown a little long in the tooth nowadays. 11 is a nicely put-together album of mid-tempo rock tracks (with a smattering of "let's make tonight last"-style ballads) but songs like Broken Wings plumb cliché deeper than it has been plumbed for a long time - and, as mentioned, the over-familiar rasp of the delivery makes it a little more irksome.

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Bryan Adams: 11

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