Funeral For A Friend

Released: 28 January 2013

Genre: Rock

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Emo is a young man's game – so what do the scene's heroes do when they grow old?

In the case of Welsh five-piece Funeral For A Friend, they long ago decided to mutate from sensitive angst merchants with an indie following into a full-on metal band, and their sixth album, Conduit, continues their journey into the world of Flying Vs and devil horns.

Like its predecessor, Welcome Home Armageddon, Conduit is thus rammed with intensive, apocalyptic anthems with titles like Death Comes To Us All and Grey, driven by remorselessly pulverising guitar riffs and topped by yowling vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye, a man who sounds as if he routinely gargles with razor blades.

It's a relentless assault that could quick pall if not accompanied by mitigating tunes, but a decade into their career Funeral For A Friend are canny enough to incorporate melody into their chugging mayhem, with growling numbers such as Spine and Sun-less calibrated to appeal to pop kids and metal-heads alike.

A future of middling album sales, Kerrang! awards and down-the-bill slots at Download awaits them, and you suspect they will be more than happy with this.

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