The Constant

I Blame Coco

Released: 8 November 2010

Genre: Pop

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Here comes the Sumner.

Pop star progeny who make their own music invariably face the sneering charge that they are merely cashing in on their parents' name, but Coco Sumner should easily survive any accusations of nepotism.

The 20-year-old daughter of Sting has spectacularly inherited her father's idiosyncratic musicality, with her husky, masculine tones and mannered whoops and yowls illustrating that she has paid close attention to her dad's vocal repertoire.

Thankfully, he's also handed down his songwriting smarts, with tracks such as the shimmering keyboard-driven In Spirit Golden and Quicker surfing an early 80s retro-chic vibe while sounding spankingly current and contemporary.

The faithful cover of St Etienne's take on Neil Young's Only Love Can Break Your Heart is fairly redundant but the Robyn collaboration Caesar is fantastic sub-Gaga electro-brat-pop and, most importantly, big fun. Coco Sumner may be in her father's shadow now, but she won't stay there for long.

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