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Released: 1 November 2010

Genre: Funk

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Grown up funk from one time Space Cowboy.

Despite plenty of doubters who dismissed Jason Kay as a Home Counties Stevie Wonder clone, Jamiroquai enjoyed a string of hits through the 90s and into the new century.

Along the way, of course, Jay Kay switched from being pop's Top Cat into "the twat in the hat" more famed for his sports car prangs than tunes.

Leaving all that behind, his band's first album in five years seeks to restore their glory years. The changes are subtle - less obvious hooks, Jay Kay's vocal more toned back - but it's unmistakably Jamiroquai and unexpectedly good.

Sunshine brass sections and Californian 70s funk are the main flavours here with many of the tracks recalling Steely Dan (Smoke And Mirrors), the rock funk fusion of Sly & the Family Stone (Hurtin') and 10cc style white reggae (Goodbye To My Dancer).

Like The Scissor Sisters Night Work this is an unashamed love letter to the past that's pulled off with plenty of style and swagger, but unlike the burlesque New Yorkers it's hard to imagine anything here troubling the charts -or anyone under 35.

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