Planet Jedward


Released: 26 July 2010

Genre: Pop

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The Grimes twins drop their pop bomb.

A cult phenomena of the so-bad-it’s-funny variety, the public warmed to the deadly duo when they were on The X Factor despite their inadequacies (they couldn’t even high five in time let alone sing in tune).

Anyone hoping their elimination from the programme would signal the end of their chances of pop stardom will not have been amused with their re-animation of Vanilla Ice on Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) and now by a whole album of spectacularly woeful covers.

Ghostbusters, Rock DJ and Fight For Your Right To Party are all shredded by the pair’s boundless enthusiasm as is punk rock classic Teenage Kicks - which is as dreadful an exercise as you may imagine, but at least they are teenagers.

Worst (or best depending on your cheese tolerance) of all are the occasional snatches of painfully wooden dialogue before the layers of auto-tuned backing vocalists kick in. In a phonecall during I Want Candy, Edward calls John to tell him he can’t come out tonight because he’s going to meet a girl: “Her name’s Candy, real cute, OK, seeya.” Louis Walsh you’ve got a lot to answer for.

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