Who You Are

Jessie J

Released: 28 February 2011

Genre: Pop

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The Brit winner's debut doesn't quite live up to the hype but still worthy of the Price Tag.

Far from an overnight star, Jessie J served her apprenticeship writing songs for the likes of Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus before launching her own career.

She has arrived though like a chart bomb, with two hits that haven't been off the radio for month. The cheeky Do It Like A Dude and feel-good paean to a world where money doesn't rule us, Price Tag. So far, so incredible.

Sadly far from continuing her faultless trajectory Who You Are is a bit patchy. When Jessie is having fun she's unstoppable: Who's Laughing Now is a brilliant revenge song aimed at playground bullies; Nobody's Perfect a stunning mix of Alicia Keys sophistication and Pink swagger; Mamma Knows Best a brassy big band romp.

The album's problems come when Jessie overdoes the vocal warbling and completely forgets to write an actual song: L.O.V.E. starts off fine but ends like Mariah Carey covering Scat Man John; Big White Room is an unnecessarily long ballad that builds crescendo upon crescendo and the title track is a pompous grind that completely loses the plot.

Regardless of her indulgences Jessie will still be the biggest and coolest UK female artists for decades.

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