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9th November 2009
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”Jack the Lad Swing” in full effect.

One thing that would improve Jedward’s performances no end would be auto-tune, because let’s face it they’re going to be using quite a lot of it for their post X Factor career. No shame there of course. JLS – whose singing ability was as consistent as their matching T-shirts on the show – seem rather fond of it too and use it throughout their debut to give themselves the bleached, emotionless vocal sound of modern R&B pop.

With the assistance of the ubiquitous Taio Cruz Keep You and Private could be by anyone from Akon to four singing cauliflowers. They are at their best on Everybody In Love, Beat Again and the epic mobiles in the air ballad Close To You. When all four voices are harmonise together in cheesy wonder, they sound a bit like Blue.

Without doubt they will own teenage hearts for the next nine months but whether they end up as I’m A Celebrity casualties or the boy band equivalent to Girls Aloud is open to debate. For now they’re more Costa than Cole.

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