Released: 9 June 2014

Genre: Rock

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Yes, it's 48 minutes and 13 seconds long.

Once Kasabian guitarist and creative fulcrum Serge Pizzorno had chosen a title, he had one target — make an album to fit. The Leicester space-rockers' fifth set fulfils that brief and has a stab at being their best yet. Whether that's setting the bar high or not is down to your own personal preference.

In all honesty, Kasabian albums have been patchy affairs, always coming up with the devilishly catchy showstopper but lacking the particular genius to sustain a satisfying whole. The suspicion is they have all the braggadocio of the textbook rockstars — and no one's going to deny Pizzorno and singer Tom Meighan talk a great game in their essential interviews — without quite having the chops to join the pantheon.

48:13 redresses that balance slightly. The stakes are high after all, what with that Glastonbury headline slot to prepare for, and they've come up with a fresh set of anthems for the masses. Bumblebee, with its Led Zep riffs, loudspeaker vocals and characteristically simple "yeah yeah yeah" chant, is a perfect gig opener, while Treat is an epic funky mantra that'll have 'em bouncing. Best of all is Clouds with its driving psych-rock chorus and angelic breakdowns, a chance for the band to flex their impressive muscles.

Still, they're not quite so exciting when tripping out with sweaty effort on Explodes or coming on like a techno Madness on the ludicrous 'Eez-eh' ("Every day is brutal/Now we're being watched by Google"), and the three mini-tracks are clearly devices to push the album up to Pizzorno's hallowed 48:13. Despite fair goes, it's the one spot they really hit.

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