Don't Kill The Magic


Released: 4 August 2014

Genre: Pop

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Toronto quartet Magic! look like an unstoppable force. More's the pity.

You'll have heard single Rude, a fantastically dated trickle of pop reggae that's done huge business in the States and across Europe and is now only held off the UK top spot by the triumphant return of Cheryl Cole. It's a twee, petulant story of a chap who can't get the dad's permission for his daughter's hand in marriage but is going to "marry her anyway". That's about as feisty as Don't Kill The Magic! gets.

The rest of this debut album passes with barely a whimper, as Magic! set about exhuming the corpses of UB40's cast-offs and ideas that never even left The Police's drawing board. Admittedly, there are a couple of terrific melodies to save the day – No Evil's driving hook and Mama Didn't Raise No Fool's sureshot chorus sound like elements of hits at least – but other contenders are few and far between. On No Way No and Little Girl Big World, Magic! seem barely bothered.

A bit of variation would help. When Bruno Mars pastiches The Police on Locked Out Of Heaven, you can let it pass because you know he has so much more up his sleeve. Magic! say their name derived from the alchemy they found as soon as they came together: everything worked like… you get the picture. Everything wasn't enough.

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