Above The Noise


Released: 15 November 2010

Genre: Pop

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Tattooed boyband attempt to grow up.

Just as the Harry Potter cast have suddenly emerged as moody twenty-somethings, McFly have undergone a similar dork-to-hunk overnight transformation with many asking: "when did McFly become so hot?"

Matching their more edgy image, Above The Noise is a stab at a mature pop sound which sometimes results in a bonkers Duran Duran meets Muse mish-mash complete with War Of The Worlds rock opera climax, as seen on the album's opener End Of The World.

Party Girl is a similar OTT pop-rock assault but is oddly unmemorable once you've survived it. Better is the Auto-tune soul of Shine A Light which sees the band teaming up with Taio Cruz to good effect.

Unfortunately the rest of the set is filled with moody Twilight inspired emo-pop like Nowhere Left To Run and dated rock ballads like I Need A Woman.

McFly remain a great singles band alas the chances of them ever making it as credible artists seem as unlikely as ever.

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