McFly: Radio:Active

Super Records
Release date
21st July 2008
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Pop-punk teen faves look set to continue splitting opinion

Loved and loathed in equal measure, McFly are living proof of the old adage that one person's pin-ups are another's dartboard. And yes, it's easy to toss a few arrows in the direction of the "punk" foursome (not known for their anarchic tendencies at last check), but even in these Top of the Pops-less days, there's surely a certain respect due any band that can boast seven Number Ones.

Or that would be the theory, anyway. This is McFly's first album on their own label, having left Island earlier this year to gain greater creative control and shed the boy-band tag. There are occasional traces of something with real spirit, but more often than not it's all a bit naff and anaemic.

Delicate harmonies and diet-Green Day guitar parts make it sound uncannily like the soundtrack to a clunky high school movie, and in honesty there's not much to suggest a realistic step-up from teen-poster world.

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