To Be Loved

Michael Bublé

Released: 15 April 2013

Genre: Pop

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The crooner from Canada can do no wrong - if you like that kind of thing.

Michael Bublé's eighth album is a celebration of love and happiness, which doesn't represent a great departure from the previous seven, but the air of romance and joie de vivre is pretty infectious and he knows he can guarantee a whopping audience.

For others, that could be an invitation to rest on the old laurels but Bublé's willing to stretch himself a bit. With producer Bob Rock - most famous for helming a classic run of Metallica albums, obviously - in sole charge for the first time, there's depth to the arrangements and an occasional tiptoe into the unknown, notably on After All's Motowny stomp of a duet with compatriot Bryan Adams and in the throaty soul pipes Bublé unveils on Jackson 5 cover Who's Lovin' You.

Then again, the majority of To Be Loved boils down to straight retreads of admittedly great songs. So the Bee Gees' To Love Somebody is delivered with hushed respect and old standard Young At Heart is as redolent of 1940s as it's ever been in any version. Only the relative youth of the singer confirms this isn't a 60-year-old recording.

That's just the way it goes. You don't come to Bublé for post-dubstep glitch experiments. You come for the polar opposite, delivered with style.

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