Morcheeba: Dive Deep review

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4th February 2008
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It’s almost as if the 21st century didn’t happen

In the mid-90s, the heyday of the musical style known as trip-hop, Morcheeba were often quite misleadingly lumped with bands such as Portishead, Massive Attack and so on, thanks to their blend of slow, melancholy rap with “proper” instrumentation and soulful vocals. While the band have always been a much less lachrymose and experimental voice on the downtempo scene than their Bristolian peers, their style has also been stuck in the same groove since then; unhindered by experimentation, surpassed by newcomers, and seemingly oblivious of changes in modern urban music.

Dive Deep is more of the same. Accomplished, yes, and there’s nothing to dislike about it – but it’s a bit stuck in the past. As on the last album, here the vocal duties are performed by guests, most of whom sadly fail to make an impression – in particular, tracks such as One Love Karma are so stuck in the past they can’t really sound relevant today. It’s not that this is a bad album – the songs are nice, it’s skilfully put together – but the best present that you could buy Morcheeba right now is a record voucher and a copy of a music mag published this year.

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Morcheeba: Dive Deep

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