New Kids On The Block: The Block review

Release date
8th September 2008
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Donnie and the old men make a return that's shockingly actually sort of OK

There has been plenty of reunions of 90s pop acts lately. Some have gone well and seen dismissed legends reach triumphant highs (Take That). Others have plumbed new depths in cashing-in on your past (you know who you zig-a-zig-are).

The wave of housewife-led enthusiasm in their native New York at least suggest that the return of the original boy band, New Kids On The Block, is a welcome one.

Fifteen years after their run of tame ballads dried up they're back as a very different proposition - had Justin Timberlake not already achieved it The Block could lay claim to bringing sexy back. Featuring Timbaland's clinically perfect production and Akon guest spots, 2 In The Morning, Summertime, Put It On My Tab, Stare At You and Single are all slick easy-listening RnB with a high quota of cheesiness: high on the list is the invention of the hitherto unheard of verb 'sexify' and Dirty Dancing which includes the fabulous chorus "Oooh it's so crazy, she's like baby, I'm like Swayze".

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