Nina Nesbitt

Released: 17 February 2014

Genre: Pop

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Scotland's new pop darling is a dues-paying, half-Swedish teenager with a promising future.

Nina Nesbitt is still just 19, but she's put years into gigging and working assiduously to build an essential online presence, and it's all prompted a bit of chatter. Her debut album finally arrives with a little buzz of expectation from her record label and public alike.

Well, Peroxide's not going to disappoint any of them, as it circles around tried and tested pop-rock styles. Nesbitt's emerged from a folky background but Peroxide is more ramped up than that – it polishes away a few rough edges to find a smooth, radio-friendly crystal clarity that can't help but tempt comparisons with Taylor Swift's sly, gradual jettison of country.

There are far worse artists to model yourself on, and Nesbitt sure models herself on Swift. The title track could almost be her, and Hold You – a collaboration with Irish nearly men Kodaline – is a ringer for Swift and Ed Sheeran's duet Everything Has Changed. There's some Taylor too in He's The One I'm Bringing Back, but no matter because its sweet, ultra-pop chorus is all Nesbitt's.

The trump card here is decent songwriting, with some winning urgency on pretty ballad Align and a touch of MOR Avicii on Mr. C keeping things bobbing along. If Nesbitt picks and chooses her influences – and avoids Lucy Spraggan-style fare like Stay Out – she might yet live up to all that expectation.

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