Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero Remixed review

Release date
3rd December 2007
Rock / electronic
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Reznor's post-apocalyptic album is torn apart and rebuilt by a multi-genre line-up of remixers

Following in the long tradition of Nine Inch Nails remix albums, Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D (as the sleeve puts it) is as eclectic a collection of reworkings as Reznor has ever commissioned.

Revelling in the original material's political disaffection, rapper and spoken word artist Saul Williams provides the most audacious moments here, his version of Survivalism and a retitled Hyperpower! (now Gunshots By Computer) lending new weight to Reznor's first take.

Meanwhile, Liverpool's Ladytron transform The Beginning Of The End into an itchingly infectious electro-stomper, The Knife's Olof Dreijer reduces Me, I'm Not to its most minimal elements, and there's a spine-tingling strings-and-samples cover from the Kronos Quartet, who completely reinvent Another Version Of The Truth.

One of the many fan remixes (facilitated by Reznor offering multi-track samples of every song on Year Zero) even makes the cut - a bit-crushed, industrial dance version of My Violent Heart by the curiously-named Pirate Robot Midget.

For those with an ear for the more experimental end of Reznor's sonic spectrum, this is a real cornucopia of treats, with barely a dud amongst its 14 tracks. Highly recommended.

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