Stereophonics: Keep Calm And Carry On review

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16th November 2009
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Stereophonics are arguably the hoariest and most stolid of the Britpop survivors so this seventh studio album - with a trendy slogan du jour appropriated as its title - is likely to drive few listeners into an anticipatory frenzy. Yet this time around, they surprise us.

The band has clearly been casting around for sonic alternatives to their normal plodding indie and have done so productively. Opener She's Alright is endearingly lopsided beatnik blues, while Innocent's pop nostalgia enchants. Better still are the chiming Could You Be The One, I Got Your Number's edgy glam stomp and Wonder's Dakota-style motorik.

Naturally, traces of their usual heavy-handedness survive: Uppercut and Live 'n' Love are both ponderous clunkers, and Stuck In A Rut could only be more pedestrian if it had Belisha beacons at either end. Nevertheless, Keep Calm And Carry On is the sound of a veteran band stirring from its comfort zone - and is all the better for it.

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