Sun Structures


Released: 10 February 2014

Genre: Pop

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The past is a different country, but some people still want to live there.

Hotly tipped Kettering four-piece Temples describe their music as “neo-psych”. Their love for Sixties jangle-pop is certainly not in question. Indeed, so complete is their adulation for the music of the Summer of Love that they record on vintage equipment to capture that ingenuous vibe.

The problem comes when this veneration for gentle psychedelic pop becomes so overpowering that they are effectively mere revivalists. It’s a thought that occurs repeatedly throughout this kaleidoscopic debut album, a record that is so retro that it should be reading Ken Kesey, dropping acid and tuning in, turning on and dropping out down the UFO Club.

Opener Shelter Song is typical, a swoon of Byrds guitar and wide-eyed trippy lyrics delivered through a beguiling shimmer of reverb. Tracks such as Mesmerise and Colour To Life recall the similarly nostalgic acid-drenched grooves of the early 90s Madchester scene, but not its main players such as the Stone Roses – this is the music of the Paris Angels, or Northside.

It’s pleasant enough, but ultimately it falls at the same hurdle as fellow revivalists Peace: Temples know all the moves, but they don’t bring anything particularly original to the party.

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