The Hoosiers

The Illusion Of Safety

Released: 16 August 2010

Genre: Pop/Rock

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Copycats? What, us?

Whatever people say about the Hoosiers (and, let’s face it, they say plenty), they can’t be accused of being less than assiduous musical trend-watchers.

This follow-up to double-platinum 2007 debut album The Trick of Life finds the canny trio following Keane in abandoning their earnest indie-guitar roots for shinier, glossier eletro-pop.

It’s a happy move, with dour sub-Libertines riffs now replaced by fun-loving synth symphonies heavily beholden to 80s pop and boasting memorably insidious choruses.

The formula works best on the single Choices, a thumping slice or retro-electro that owes as much to The Feeling as it does to Erasure, and Unlikely Hero, where Irwin Sparkes’ quavering falsetto suggests, well, Sparks.

They haven’t got an original bone in their body, then, but that doesn’t stop The Illusion Of Safety being hyperventilating, daft, over-the-top fun. Let’s just enjoy it, and wait to see who they come as next time around.

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