The Midnight Beast

The Midnight Beast

Released: 23 August 2012

Genre: Comedy

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Are you part of the cult of The Midnight Beast?

If so, you will know that the Beast are a London spoof pop-rap trio (Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne) whose homemade comedy videos gained more than 40 million views on YouTube before E4 gave them their own TV show.

An album has inevitably followed, capturing perfectly the trio's Inbetweeners-meet-the-Beastie Boys shtick that has given rise to songs such as I Kicked A Shark In The Face, Lez Be Friends and the deeply troubling Strategy Wanking.

On form, Midnight Beast are hilarious. They have a fine eye for detail and plenty of killer one-liners: the Jay-Z-referencing Medium Pimpin' finds them boasting "I shop so much at Asda, I'm sponsored by George", while Just Another Boyband skewers the phenomenon of the superfluous boy-band member: "I'm the token rapper guy/I just sing really high, and needlessly, randomly improvise."

It's patchily brilliant, but just as the internet japes have failed to transfer to the far more demanding TV sitcom format, so it is hard to imagine returning to this record too many times. The moral of the tale? Some jokes are just best left on YouTube.

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