Living For The Weekend

The Saturdays

Released: 14 October 2013

Genre: Pop

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Is this The Saturdays' time? At last? Could be.

Now the ghost of Girls Aloud has finally been laid to rest, its dying spasms making a bit of a mess earlier this year, Britain's second best girl band have an unparalleled opportunity to take the crown. They've been going for it too, trying to break America with their highly entertaining E! show Chasing The Saturdays, and releasing their best run of singles in, well, ever.

One of the handiest things about Chasing The Saturdays was it revealed a bit of personality about Una, Mollie, Rochelle, Vanessa and Frankie. That's usually been lacking from their music, but breakthrough number one What About Us had some (even if most of it was down to some truly awful Jamaican patois) and its follow-up Gentleman had it in spades – much of it borrowed from Stooshe, mind you.

Both of those singles are here, along with new effort Disco Love, a song that does pretty much everything you'd expect, and with charm. They're unsurprisingly the best tracks on offer, but there's a cracking, attacking chorus on Anywhere With You and a catchy bit of rave-pop with 30 Days' appropriation of all Deadmau5's burbling tricks.

It's when the rave tropes really take hold that Living For The Weekend drags. Not Giving Up and Don't Let Me Dance Alone could be anyone – but mainly David Guetta – and the album's at least two tracks too long. That's a vast improvement on last time though, right?

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