Meet The Vamps

The Vamps

Released: 14 April 2014

Genre: Pop

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The boyband who play their own instruments have a bit of spark about them.

And the fans are onside too. With a couple of top three hits to their name already, it looks like The Vamps have found a niche where others have failed, proving there's room for more than one crew of shiny-faced nippers in this game. They're no Union J.

They're not really a One Direction either, what with all members chipping in on the songwriting and playing their own stuff. A closer comparison would be McFly, who actually turn up in the credits of High Hopes, a country-ish handclapper that's one of the better songs on a surprisingly lengthy and decent debut. The general fare's pretty standard of course – compressed beats, endless overtures to the girl on the edge of the dancefloor – but the tunes sustain an unlikely vim over 15 tracks.

Alongside High Hopes, the anthemic pop-rock of Lovestruck and the skippy doo-dooing chorus of Move My Way are standout moments that prove the boys have chops. The somewhat horrific remodelling of Simon & Garfunkel's Cecilia is less of a treat and obligatory soupy ballad She Was The One is another low, but these are small prices to pay on what's otherwise an appealing effort that adds something to the pop landscape.

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